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I help you get off the rollercoaster of modern dating and into intimacy that lasts with your ideal match.

The Art of Feminine Seduction

My signature program where those who identify as feminine can learn to date from sensuality and confidence, reclaim power in dating, sex, and self-expression, and learn to create meaningful and fulfilling partnership.

Ready to be seen, heard, and desired?



Why hire a dating coach?

Create deep belief in the unique beauty and value you bring to the world

Discover your innate ability to create attraction and intimacy

Learn and transform your relationship "habits"

Uncover and honor your true and natural emotions and yearnings

Change your dating results!


I didn't know love like this was possible.

I have received valuable feedback from my dates. It's all been positive! 2nd and 3rd dates, later... they want more!

I experienced fundamental shifts in the way I show up for myself and others.

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