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Create empowered relationship
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The Art of Feminine Seduction

Ready to be seen, heard, and desired

My signature program where those who identify as feminine can learn to date from sensuality and confidence, reclaim power in dating, sex, and self-expression, and learn to create meaningful and fulfilling partnership.

Writer Run Wild

Want to write but facing resistance?


It shows up as no time, no energy, no inspiration, no clarity around what to write...

Change your relationship to writing, set up habits for success, unlock your inner expression, and run wild!

Join a community of writers and receive 3 writing/coaching sessions a month - led by accredited coaches. Bring your writing. Bring your blocks. Bring your full self.

Sovereign Dating

Ongoing dating support for graduates of The Art of Feminine Seduction. We meet twice a month, reconnecting with feminine energy and empowered relationship practices and sharing the journey of sovereign dating with the group. Be seen, heard, and understood on your path to love.


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