About Feminine Energy

The power of feminine energy is illustrated in the moon's pull on the tide. The moon doesn't push or command the waves. The moon orbits and the waves follow.

Become the moon for the tide of your best life.

Becoming a powerful feminine presence

The feminine is who you are.

You live in a culture that rewards the masculine energies of doing and giving.

Experience the power of being and receiving to create what you want in your life.

When you are in your feminine power –grounded in your self-worth and authentic emotion – you will attract the change you desire.

We all have both the feminine and masculine inside us, but most of us lean either one way or another in our energetic makeup. Feminine power has been misrepresented as weaker than outward-directed masculine power, but in fact, feminine energy is boundless and permeating - and it is the very creator of life.

What will you create with your feminine energy?

Workshop: Return to Feminine Essence

A 5-Week Online Workshop Series


Over 5 weeks, we will deeply connect with feminine - or yin - energy and what it means to live, love, and create from the feminine essence. We will explore the areas of desire and emotion that often get cut off as we navigate the demands and stresses of daily life. Each week will focus on an aspect of life that can be transformed by being grounded in feminine energy.


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