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Like so many of us, I grew up to believe that the way to be powerful and effective was to fight for a place at the top, to never back down, and to push my way through life.


Not only was I regularly unsuccessful at achieving my goals this way, I often found myself physically and energetically defeated. I ended up ill in the hospital and went through several periods of burn out after over-extending myself. I was deeply dissatisfied in my relationship, unable to get ahead in my career, and feeling discouraged and apathetic about my next moves. 


Then I discovered a way out of my pain and exhaustion - feminine energy.


I began to consume every bit of knowledge I could find about the energy shift that is feminine power. The switch felt natural and energizing. It was like coming home.

Within a matter of months, my life fully transformed. My professional life expanded, and both my intimate and acquaintance relationships became more connected, authentic, and fulfilling. I found time and energy to develop my passions, which led to even more positive connections and opportunities in my life. 

Because my own life - and especially love life - has benefited so enormously from the shift into feminine energy, I am passionate about sharing what I know, and guiding others into their own feminine sovereignty.

Alana is a licensed Art of Feminine Presence® teacher, and is trained in ontological coaching through Accomplishment Coaching's Graduate Coach Program. She is a reiki master, tuning fork sound healer, and initiate of Shambavi Mahamudra Kriya yoga.

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